WELLCOME TRUST Celebrates 75 years!

Thanks to SERIOUS, Solid Harmony Senior choir had the privilege of being invited to sing on the steps of St. Davids Hall, Cardiff on Saturday as part of the 75th Anniversary of the  Wellcome TrustDame Gwyneth Jones listened to the singers and gave valuable advise about how we look after our vocal chords and sing with a ‘beautifully rounded sound’. As part of the overall project, Mr. Tom Harris, Specialist ENT surgeon to the stars, photographed 4 choir members vocal chords and explained in detail exactly how they work. We sang songs by people who also share a 75th birthday this year, including Dame Shirley Bassey, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Steve Reich. The choir included guest performers Emma Williams, Marina-Lolita Hart (ex-Revelation), and Eysha Mingo, along with other senior and alumni members of the choir. Thank you to SERIOUS for looking after us so well! We so enjoyed the experience and opportunity! (Click to see the gallery)

I caught you singing on a weekend away in Cardiff. Great sound, long may you reign!!

Lynn Hillaby

I happened to be passing the St.David’s hall in Cardiff while you were singing and I thought you were brilliant. Everybody were having a great time. I was wondering if you’ve made any CD’s and if so where can they be purchased. If you are visiting south wales again sometime in the future then I would love to come to a concert and bring my family. Well Done, keep singing!

Mary Bradfield