The OYO/Live Ed Exchange Comes to an End

After a week full of running around, performing and eating, the OYO team said their goodbyes and farewells to the LiveEd team and most importantly Solid Harmony choir.

They treated the choir to a couple of spectacular performances, including a song written for Live Ed team as a thank you. The choir couldn’t resist but join in!

The choir and the three Namibian students – Fly, Mona and Steve – had developed a special bond and found it hard to say goodbye. Although, that didn’t stop them making one last visit to the local chicken shop.

This is what Jessica had to say about the project:

“When the people from Namibia came to England it made me more aware about how different their life is back there, but also how that no matter where we live we are all basically the same. I was able to talk to them about their life in Namibia and see whether they thought that English life was any different.

I really enjoyed re-hearsing and performing with them at the Barbican and visiting them at their hotel as it allowed me to talk to them more. They were constantly comparing about the way we walk so fast and it seems as though we are always in a rush to go no where.

I really enjoyed performing one of their songs as it allowed me to see how disease and poverty can really destroy a community, but they were always upbeat. It made me appreciate how fortunate I am to not have to go through certain things which for them could be an everyday occurrence.”