Thank you NewVIc, Journey to Justice, Jack Petchey and the Big Lottery Fund

Solid harmony have been busy all through March and April. They performed at several events for the Music and Freedom Project through Journey to Justice Funded through the Big Lottery. Some of the choir also supported other local community choirs in the borough, working with young artists to develop their own leadership. Others staffed the exhibition resident at Beckton Globe Library. Journey to Justice has left a considerable impact in the borough and with members of Solid Harmony. For example at the end of year celebratory dinner at Nando’s, funded through the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards scheme, Faith said, “Goga Khan’s story, I feel like… us as a community… if we actually get together, we can progress far, instead of cutting someone out”. Annabel agreed, “If you believe in something, stand for it. It’s true”. You can read the full Music and Freedom report (download link below).
We wish everyone a wonderful summer and look forward to singing with you and for you from September.