News Flash! – Solid Harmony Shone!!!

It was such an honour and privilege for Solid Harmony to have performed at the Royal Festival Hall as part of the Newham Arts Festival last Tuesday. They carried themselves with maturity and confidence and sang their best yet. They set an example to the hundreds of young singers there as part of the massed choir, demonstrating what is possible with commitment, mutual support  and hard work!

It was also a real privilege to share the stage with two visiting young people from Namibia, Valerie and Barnabas. The choir was highly impressed by their cool! Congratulations all!

Here are just some of the comments received by email after the event:

“… It is invidious to highlight particular items but we both felt your Namibian pieces were very special. They were absolutely right for the young people and they performed them extremely well. Their visit to Namibia must have been an unforgettable experience.” Peter Renshaw, Guildhall

“… I was so moved to see the kids swaying and clapping and singing with such confidence and joy!  And I have to say, Solid Harmony were supremely impressive!” Ben Spencer, RFH
“… By the way THE SOLID HARMONY CHOIR AND YOU WERE ANOTHER highlight for me and my friends. Wow and wow again. What singing! There was a moment when you all gathered energy and stillness and presence between the first and second songs… The energy and power and musicality was amazingly potent, just at the BEFORE the song moment. I hope you noticed the volume of the applause and cheering for your group! IT was LOUD!” Bridget Belgrave, Liferesources
“… As for your Solid Harmony choir.  Beautifully expressive, musically tight, impressive, confident, and a very, very solid group of impressive young singers. They were the highlight for me. Congratulations”. Shirley Keen, East End Opera