MEC Conference 2005 – Photos Uploaded!!!

Students from NewVIc, Cumberland and Portway Primary, as well as members of Solid Harmony Community Choir performed at the MEC (Music Education Council) conference yesterday. They performed 3 pieces; 2 arrangements of pieces they learned with Hugh Masekela 2 years ago, and one song written and workshopped for them by Paul Watson.

They were then invited to take part in a discussion about what music making means to them, what their aspirations were and what they would change about music education if they could. I was very proud of all 5 students, who conducted themselves impeccably. They performed with confidence and energy, they entered the discussion with Christina from Youth Music and the other students with interesting and revealing comments.

The audience of Music advisers and representatives from all over the country were motivated to respond and ask questions. On their part, our group heard students from the Brit school perform their own songs, a student from the Royal Academy play a Bach violin sonata and a student from Guildhall sing an English folk song a cappella.