Grants for the Arts Young Leaders Project


LEAD 2 SUCCEED – Young Leaders Programme Phase 2. This programme is funded by the Arts Council.

The Young Leaders and Artist Development Programme got off to a great start on the 1st October 2012. 10 of the 12 Young Leaders and 5 Artists gathered at NewVIc to exchange vocal warm up ideas and techniques, explore how they wish to work together on this programme and plan their own programme of workshops and performances. Since then, they have begun to meet on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings, learning from each other and beginning to create new music through combining skills and techniques.

Last week Ranjana Ghatak shared 10 raga scales with the group, who then chose their favourite to begin creating a new piece for performance. Marina-Lolita Hart took the group through a collaborative lyric writing process, enabling everyone to explore and discuss what the words HIV / AIDs means to them. The first seeds were sown for a new vocal work to be performed at Stratford Circus for World Aids day on the 1st December 2012.

The group will be meeting again on Monday 5th November 2012, working with Paul Watson, Linton Bennett and Jane Wheeler.