FLASHMOB MANIA! – 17th March 2012

Last Saturday, members from Solid Harmony senior choir appeared at Queen’s Market, Upton Park and simply began to sing! Passers by were drawn in and stall holders were amazing, joining in with a dance and a smile. One or two were less welcoming and the choir had to respond respectfully to find spaces to sing and dance that pleased and entertained the surrounding public!
Their confidence began to sing spontaneously in the street after a project funded by Newham’s Go For It Grant. They worked with different singing leaders, including Sovra Newman, Paul Watson and Geneta Crook to learn songs that can be sung with no other musical or technical support. The first time the choir tried their hand at a FLASHMOB was on their way to their Christmas party. Several of them could be heard resounding around Stratford Shopping Centre.
Look and listen out for Solid Harmony as their confidence grows! If you see them singing in the street, please come and join in!