About Us

About Solid Harmony Choir

Solid Harmony is a youth community choir based in the East End of London. It began in the spring of 2002, set up by Jane Wheeler, Nick Bowers Broadbent and Mo Mason with NRF funding. The idea is to offer an opportunity to sing in a versatile choir to a wider range of young people in the borough, of any faith and of a wider age range.

The choir is now run primarily by Naveen Arles, who is also encouraging the development of a team of senior students to help the running of the choir, it’s band and it’s website. Solid Harmony Choir now has over 30 members including a 3-piece band and has come to celebrate the coming together of young people ages 10 – 25 from all walks of life and backgrounds. They are open to learning music of all styles and from any origin and they are willing to work hard to achieve authenticity and musicality in their interpretation of their repertoire while enjoying the shared experience of singing and performing together. The choir has been on several residencies with the Institute of Choral Music Education, Canada led by the amazing Doreen Rao, where they have had an opportunity to sing and lean rom choirs all over the world.

Senior members are also offered an opportunity to develop through working alongside artists and teachers based in schools, as well as sharing the leadership of Solid Harmony itself.